Thursday, 6 September 2012

Toy Thursday: Shy Treeson

In the move, I was super delighted to find a toy I thought I had lost last summer - Shy Treeson! Shy Treeson is probably my favourite piece from series two, and I was so gutted last year when I thought I'd lost him. I was pulling out one of my bags from underneath my bed when he fell out. I was so happy! ♥  Treeson photographs beautifully because of his wonderful texture, and makes a wonderful pocket-sized companion.

I was super lucky with my blindboxes for this series, as there were only three I really wanted, and I managed to pick those three first time. I love the baby Treeson and his tiny cute mushroom, and the stars are just adorable!

Treeson & Mushroom


It's such a lovely change finding something in a move - usually it's the opposite. I think this is an excellent omen for our new flat. :)

alice xox


  1. beautiful photos!they really capture treeson's charm + sweetness. i may not photograph mine that much these days but they definitely make me smile when i see them on my bookcase!

  2. They'll bring joy in your new home :)

  3. Stars!!! Stars!!! Starts!! I love them!