Thursday, 13 September 2012

Toy Thursday: Slinkachu & Little People

One of my favourite photographers is Slinkachu, whose book Little People was given to me by my godmother for my birthday years ago. He sets up these magnificent scenes using miniatures usually used for model train dioramas, and take the most amazing macro shots of them. They're the most bizarre, excellent mixture of adorable and tragic and hilarious, and if you haven't you should definitely take a look.

In the move to our new flat, I was sorting through all my books, deciding which to take and which to leave, and came across Little People again. (I took it with me, of course! Happily wedged between Blythe Style and The Art of The Hobbit. Our bookshelf is a thing of great beauty.) It reminded me of my brief attempts at miniature photography a few years ago, following a productive trip to Model Zone where I bought an excessive amount of unpainted models (assuring myself I would actually paint them, which turned out to be overly optimistic. I only ever painted this one, I think.)

Follow me, boys!


I'd completely forgotten about these photos, but I rather like them, they're quite strange and surreal. I think I will dig some of these out, paint them, and give miniature photography another go. I have so many unpainted miniatures! (It's a problem both Gavin and I have, although he has considerably more than me, and they're mostly of the Games Workshop variety. You can click to see my latest GW painting adventure here! I am completely in love with their Lord of the Rings line of models. Beautiful!)

121/366 The Book Thief

Some of our unpainted models have even featured in my 366, in a photo I actually really quite like. Poor things need some love, and some paint...!

And now I've said it on the internet, I have no excuse! Watch this space. ;)

alice xox


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    1. I made them a tiny little teepee as well (to raid, I guess? in true Western style hehe) which was really fun! :D