Thursday, 18 October 2012

Toy Thursday!: Dollie Winter Blues

Maybe it's just me, but I always seem to get the dollie blues as winter sets in. It gets light later, dark earlier, the weather is increasingly soggy, and I feel like an ice cube. I swap doll-related crafting for sitting wrapped in blankets, shivering and not feeling my fingers, and taking photos for... well, sitting wrapped in blankets, shivering and not feeling my fingers. Which is a shame, because winter and autumn are kind of perfect for both of these things. 

Aside from the increasingly soggy weather and all the daylight hours happening while I'm stuck in work, autumn/winter light is actually really amazingly beautiful. The sun spends a lot of time low in the sky casting awesome shadows, and being all soft and lovely. 

Amelia at Lade Braes

Autumn is full of wonderful oranges, and winter brings the possibility of snow (!), which is kind of a pain to human-sized people, but an excellent prop for the plastic ladies.

266/366'Right, I'm all ready for Hoth!'

Not only are there actually plenty of photo opportunities, but the colder months are the perfect time for heavy use of dollie knitwear. Although I dabble in all doll-related crafts (which is one of the reasons Blythe is such a wonderful hobby, for me) - I'm a yarn-nut at heart, and this should be the perfect time for me to make a decent dent in my stash by being a doll knitwear factory. But I don't. I sit at home shivering and whinging. This must change!

Abracadabra! One red hat, please!

So, it's about time I stopped being a Miserable Git in the winter and started enjoying it. I am going to start making the most of my weekends - getting out and taking photos when the weather isn't being horrendous, and using the dark evenings to knit and crochet. Enough of sitting and shivering! I will need some new gloves and a little bit of willpower. (Ok, maybe a lot. My slanket is so very, very toasty.)

Do you guys get the dollie winter blues? How do you shake them?

alice xox


  1. Oh dear Alice, I do so understand how you feel. I am a complete winter hibernator and I am so pleased spring has arrived downunder so I can at last enjoy the warmth of the sun. However, it doesn't seem to matter much when it comes to photos. I am completely hopeless and find myself in wonderful places, sometimes with a dolly or two and sometimes not, but almost always without my camera!

    Hope you have a happy weekend in your autumn light!

  2. Aww, I definitely have seasonal affective disorder! So I know what you mean! It's never that cold here (definitely no snow!!) but still x_x Having less daylight always brings me down! LOVE LOVE LOVE your autumn/winter photos, though! Brilliant colors :D

    <3 (p.s. this is yuhime-Amanda, not some random Amanda o-o lol)

  3. I am just hear to say: I LOVE THAT PICTURE OF GOLDIE WITH THE CROCHET HOOK. BLs make the best 0_0 faces!! This will be first official winter collecting, as I got my first Blythe last January and even when she got here I didn't quite "get" what this hobby is all about yet...if that makes any sense at all.

    I do however, know what you mean about the frigidness. I have extremely poor circulation and my hands get painfully cold simply from just being in the open air :/ Makes even reading hard and knitting and crochet especially hard.