Thursday, 11 October 2012

Toy Thursday!: Plo Koon (& My Feelings)

As you might have noticed, I kind of love Star Wars. Like, a lot. I'm pretty indiscriminate. It's a bit embarrassing. I love the original trilogy best, of course, but... I will also quite happily sit my way through II and III (I not so much) and quietly weep with actual emotion, rather than disappointment and/or disgust. I know, I know. Please don't be judge me too harshly - I just have a lot of feelings, and I really appreciate Hayden Christensen's face, ok? It's a really good face. Also I love Natalie Portman like, a lot. I genuinely believe they could have babies as beautiful as Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher. ANYWAY.

May the fourth be with you

Probably the coolest thing (in my humble opinion) to come out of the newer films is Plo Koon. If you missed him - well, that's not exactly surprising. He doesn't get much screen time in the movies. It's in the Clone Wars show and the extended universe that he gets properly fleshed out into everyone's favourite Kel Dor. (He is at least 86.8% of the reason I experience emotions during III. I think the Order 66 scenes are actually kind of rather well done. At least, they make me sad.)

So -  naturally - I had to own him in the plastic. :)


I love the Kel Dor because they're actually, properly alien - they need face masks when they're off-world because their native atmosphere is so different, and they're kinda... ugly. They have, to quote wookiepedia, a 'toothless chasm' for a mouth, with 'drooping fleshy strands.' That's... that's a bit gross, and I love that it's a bit gross, because whilst attractive aliens are awesome and all, I love that they're different. I think Plo is super cute, drooping fleshy strands and all.

alice xox

ps. bonus photo: a totally ridiculous princess leia gingerbreadwoman I made a few years ago, complete with gold bikini.

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