Monday, 5 November 2012

Guy Fawkes and Getting Older

Hello, lovelies! Today's post is brought to you by the new and improved 23 year old Alice - a wiser and more thrifty model than the outdated v22.9. (Well, a girl can dream.) I had a really lovely birthday filled with food and fireworks.

Tonight is Guy Fawkes Night in the UK, which means lots of fireworks, bonfires, jacket potatoes and sparklers. Oh, and some casual burning of effigies, but we tend to skip over that bit. Guy Fawkes Night is actually a very macabre tradition, when you think about it. Which, admittedly, most people don't. I love that it's a bit unsettling, and that the history behind it is kind of gruesome and dubious. Also, thanks - I suspect - largely to Alan Moore's V for Vendetta, it's not so much just an obscure, British thing anymore. The Guy Fawkes mask has quite some symbolic impact, these days! (My personal sense of awe at the potential significance of the Gunpowder Plot is entirely Diana Wynne Jones's fault, which you'll understand if you've read Witch Week.)

Anyway, last weekend on my birthday, and Gavin and I went to see some early-Guy Fawkes Night fireworks after stuffing ourselves silly with Turkish food.

Taking photos of fireworks can probably be a precision art, but, urr, not the way I do it. I don't have a tripod and I generally just mess about with longer exposures and seeing how still I can hold. Which is, by the way, not very still at all. (Especially after a cheeky birthday wine.) All things considered, some of these came out prettier than I expected!

This firework show wasn't put on the the council - unlike the one I am missing tonight - and was organised by an independent bunch of people to raise money for charity. It was a much smaller event, and very cute. The firework playlist included the Dr Who theme, which was unexpectedly awesome and weirdly appropriate. 

My favourite thing was actually this bizarre and awesome contraption - a washing line full of roman candles. It might not have made loud noises or been that high up in the sky, but it looked really awesome.

More to come with regards to my birthday and some plastic ladies that may or may not have joined the household. (Hint: they totally did.) As of this evening, I am now off work for six days and looking forward to getting some quality me-time, as long as my immune system cooperates. I am currently curled up with a lemsip chugging orange juice and hoping for the best. Argh, such typical timing!

alice xox


  1. Happy Birthday!!!

    The fireworks pics are beautiful and impressive!! WOW!!!

    1. Thank you so much! :) I'm so pleased you liked them! xx

  2. Yayyy! I love fireworks shots! I never have my tripod with me when taking fireworks photos! I'm just too lazy XD Those turned out REALLY well, though!! And that last contraption thingie! Looks so cool! Glad to hear you had an awesome birthday <333

    1. Thank you my lovely! :) I think even if I DID have a tripod... the likelihood it would come anywhere with me is ... low, lol. Lazy alert! :P xx