Thursday, 1 November 2012

Toy Thursday!: Halloween Edition

Halloween: a holiday where you're encouraged to wear fancy dress, eat your weight in sweets, demand free stuff from your neighbours, and carve vegetables into menacing shapes. What's not to like?! Here are a few photos of the plastic kids celebrating Halloween over the years.

Candy Broomsticks

Happy Halloween!


Dr. Pepper

In human news, this is now the third Halloween I have used my starfleet uniform as my costume. Before I'm accused of total laziness - this year, I was on skates... 

... as Roller Derby practice this week coincided with Halloween! It was, admittedly, a bit sweaty. Well, a lot sweaty. But you know, totally worth it, because now I have these photos. (Many thanks to Amanda S. who got some awesome shots of us all!)

Hope you all had an awesome Halloween with lots of cake, chocolate, and the beautiful smell of candle roasted pumpkin 

alice xox


  1. The lil' witch Lalaloopsy is too cute!! I bought one two days ago, she's wearing a little red riding hood costume :)

  2. omg, you do roller derby?!! That is SO cool! :DDD Loving the pictures, Alice! I find that I'm really lazy when it comes to taking themed shots =__=! *hugs*<3