Sunday, 23 December 2012

Merry Christmas from Mr & Mr Stormtrooper!

All I Want for Christmas...

Merry Christmas my lovelies! My favourite intergalactic couple and I wish you all the best. Eat, drink, sleep, and be very merry! 

(As for me, I am anything but relaxed. 'Tis not the season to be jolly if you work in retail, 'tis the season to work long hours and be betrayed by your run-down immune system. Currently sofa-ridden with the lurgy, again, and weighing up feeling guilty about not going in on Christmas Eve when there is so much to do vs. being disgusting and ill and being a useless, sneezing mess if I do go in tomorrow. Argh! Combined with the fact it's my first Christmas away from my family, I'm feeling a little bit on the side of forlorn. I hope things will pick up as January gets underway and the dreaded Clearance is over, and you'll be hearing a little more from me again.)


Thursday, 13 December 2012

Toy Thursday: Middle-earth Edition

The Hobbit is out in cinemas today! (Well, part one of three, but don't get me started on how gratuitous and ridiculous and why-am-I-even-complaining awesome that is.) As this is being posted, I will be in the cinema getting very excited and finding out exactly how they have squeezed nine hours of footage out of a not-that-long (though, of course, excellent) book. 

So, today's Toy Thursday is Tolkien themed! We have quite a few appropriate Games Workshop miniatures in Gavin's hoard of tiny plastic and metal men (of varying degrees of painted), so I took a few photos. I love them!

Bilbo & Farmer Maggot


For Gondor!

Samwise the Brave

An Uruk
(an excited) alice xox

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Toy Thursday: Domo-kun love!

If you're at all into toys or vinyl, you'll have come across Domo-kun. Domo is the official mascot of the Japanese TV station NHK - a 'strange creature' who 'hatched from an egg.' I love him because he just look constantly surprised and delighted by the world, like he's constantly bellowing "OH MY GOD EVERYTHING IS SO AWESOME." (I think that is a totally worthwhile stance on the world. I wish I could be more like Domo!) Qee make the most amazing selection of Domo collectibles of which I own nowhere near enough. Here are a few shots of the Domo I do own, in all their patterned glory.

Sparkly Domo-kun!


Cooking With Domo-Kun!

alice xox

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

WIP Wednesday: Cuddly Things for the Christmas Tree

I've been whipping up some festive amigurumi in some spare moments for the Christmas tree. This cute little snowman was made using a spontaneous 'making-it-up-on-the-spot' pattern. (Confession: about 80% of everything I craft is made like this. I know, I'm terrible.) 

alice xox

Monday, 3 December 2012

Hello December!

I've been a little absent of late, and I whole-heartedly blame the miserable weather and absolute chaos that is the end of the year whilst working in retail. (I'm in my second week of extra Christmas hours, and feeling a little bit pooped.) Still, it is not spoiling the fun of the first Christmas in our flat, and the exciting business of kitting ourselves out with a Christmas tree and decorations!

More to follow on our (very much 'budget') tree and decorations. Until then, enjoy some sparkly Christmas bokeh! Hope you're all having fun getting tinsel-tastic and Christmas-ing your houses! 

alice xox