Monday, 3 December 2012

Hello December!

I've been a little absent of late, and I whole-heartedly blame the miserable weather and absolute chaos that is the end of the year whilst working in retail. (I'm in my second week of extra Christmas hours, and feeling a little bit pooped.) Still, it is not spoiling the fun of the first Christmas in our flat, and the exciting business of kitting ourselves out with a Christmas tree and decorations!

More to follow on our (very much 'budget') tree and decorations. Until then, enjoy some sparkly Christmas bokeh! Hope you're all having fun getting tinsel-tastic and Christmas-ing your houses! 

alice xox


  1. Aww boo to the miserable weather ): I have it good here, hehe! Retail is so crazy during Christmas! I salute you! *__* Love this triptych! The bokeh is so gorgeous, m'dear!

  2. Love the Christmas tree lights!!