Thursday, 6 December 2012

Toy Thursday: Domo-kun love!

If you're at all into toys or vinyl, you'll have come across Domo-kun. Domo is the official mascot of the Japanese TV station NHK - a 'strange creature' who 'hatched from an egg.' I love him because he just look constantly surprised and delighted by the world, like he's constantly bellowing "OH MY GOD EVERYTHING IS SO AWESOME." (I think that is a totally worthwhile stance on the world. I wish I could be more like Domo!) Qee make the most amazing selection of Domo collectibles of which I own nowhere near enough. Here are a few shots of the Domo I do own, in all their patterned glory.

Sparkly Domo-kun!


Cooking With Domo-Kun!

alice xox


  1. I love your photo of Domo baking. He looks so happy to have conquered the flour!

  2. Great pics! I think I'll buy a Domo too :)