Thursday, 13 December 2012

Toy Thursday: Middle-earth Edition

The Hobbit is out in cinemas today! (Well, part one of three, but don't get me started on how gratuitous and ridiculous and why-am-I-even-complaining awesome that is.) As this is being posted, I will be in the cinema getting very excited and finding out exactly how they have squeezed nine hours of footage out of a not-that-long (though, of course, excellent) book. 

So, today's Toy Thursday is Tolkien themed! We have quite a few appropriate Games Workshop miniatures in Gavin's hoard of tiny plastic and metal men (of varying degrees of painted), so I took a few photos. I love them!

Bilbo & Farmer Maggot


For Gondor!

Samwise the Brave

An Uruk
(an excited) alice xox

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