Thursday, 31 January 2013

Toy Thursday: Rollertastic Lego!

Of course, Mr & Mrs Viking are not to be ousted from the top spot of Alice's Favourite Minifig, but I think we may have a contender for number two.

Roller Derby Minifig!

Oooh, I love it when two of my interests intersect! Roller derby + toys = somewhere in the region of 'far too long' feeling packs in the supermarket. Isn't she cute?

As for the continuing saga of 'Alice Gets On Skates And Tries To Do Stuff', we just got a new batch of fresh meat! Which makes me... less-than-fresh meat? Slightly-off meat? Should've-put-it-in-the-fridge-and-not-left-it-on-the-side meat? Well, anyway. It's so weird, I still feel so noobalicious, but now there are new people flailing round the track, and actually, come to think of it, I'm doing somewhat less flailing of my own than I remember. So, high five for me! Four months down and I've not broken anything (or anyone) and I think I might actually have learned quite a bit of stuff, so yay! Progress is awesome!

I think I will reward myself with a new mouthguard, because my current one is too big for my mouth and I have dribbled copiously on more than one person, on more than one occasion. We're not exactly big on dignity at GCRG, but I think this is probably one bodily function too far.


Saturday, 19 January 2013

New shoes!

My feet are very special snowflakes. They demand lots of special attention, and I have yet to ever buy a pair of shoes I could wear straight off without pain and blisters. Even then, they still hurt more often than not. Stupid feet. That was, however, until I owned these babies. My feet have been pretty much permanently in those shoes ever since. They're pretty sturdy boots, but, um, I somehow managed to kind of wreck them and wear through the heels like nobody's business. (I'm a scuffer, it's so awful. I need to learn to lift my feet.) So, it was time for a New Pair of Awesome Boots.

New bootses ♥

Ahhh so beautiful! I am in love. Docs have a bit of a reputation for causing lots of breaking in pain, but actually, I've not had any. I've been very diligent about wearing thicker socks, as well as neoprene ankle supports underneath. I bought these for a quid each at the recommendation of one of the roller girls to help with breaking in my skates. (They were a life saver, my boots are vinyl and very stiff. I had blisters beyond anything I have ever experienced. It was gross.) They are just as awesome with my new boots, and my feets are very happy feets indeed!

alice xox

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

In which Alice gets a new toy!

At the beginning of 2012 and my attempted 366, my much loved (and somewhat battered) Olympus was officially on its last year of service. I decided that I was going to make it last 2012, and then treat myself to a new camera. At the beginning of 2013, it officially gave up the ghost, and so...

 ... I have a new camera! I saved all my pennies very responsibly throughout 2012 and even waited for the January sales. (That's as close to a guilt-free purchase as I'm getting right now.) I've wanted to switch to Canon for a while now, for a few reasons. R.I.P. my beloved Olympus E-510, faithful photographic steed of Alice since 2007. May it live ever longer as my emergency back-up and new camera of Gavin (who is very excited by the combination of the macro lens and his Warhammer.)

Welcome to the Canon 600D! I know that, in the grand scale of cameras, the 600D is still very much entry level and nothing terribly exciting, but it is very exciting to little old me. The best thing is - unlike my Olympus in its twilight years - the Canon can actually cope with taking photos in less-than-perfect light. Which is awesome. My number one problem has always been being slave to the sunshine. I think that's always an issue for anyone taking photos, but for me, even more so. Last weekend, I took it for a test run, in gross, miserable, it's-going-to-rain-any-minute light. My old camera could not have coped so beautifully!

... and a bonus photo taken by Gavin of me and my new camera! 

I'm even kind of embarrassingly pleased with the kit lens, which is probably a really lame thing to admit, but I'm not complaining - buys me some time to save up for the lenses I want. I have just started my six days off after Retail Christmas Hell, so watch this space for more photos. Six days! Oh, bliss.

alice xox

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Goodbye, 2012!

So, I know that the entire concept of a "New Year" is a media-fuelled fallacy that turns the very simple concept of recording the passing of time into this Massive Big Deal where everyone has to freak out about everything from eating too much turkey, to not having anyone to kiss on the stroke of midnight, to a perceived sense of self-failure, and that it's totally ridiculous and not at all constructive...

... buuuuut, it's difficult to actually put that knowledge into practice, isn't it?

So when 2013 rolled around all of a sudden, after December (and some of November) passed in a 'oh god why am I working in retail why am I doing this to myself' blur, my first reaction was to start freaking out about how little I have achieved, what a lazy slacker I am, and how bleak 2013 looks for the total failure that is Alice.

Dear self, shut up. Just, shhhhhhhh.

I know exactly why I feel like that, but I know exactly why I shouldn't, as well. I think, really, I'm just suffering a little from that big, scary transition from 'student' to 'actual adult.' This is not the first time I have wished I was a Sim. (The Sim wikia page for the 'young adult' life stage is hilariously relevant to my time as a student. 'There are no days of the week for young adults.' These days, my weekends are sacred. I would punch people to get my weekends. Take my Saturday mornings in bed from me, and I will take your firstborn.)

2012 was awesome. I did awesome. I didn't change the world, but I did good. Now, I am going to do awesome things with 2013, and I will beat anyone up (ie. mostly myself) who dares to suggest otherwise. I will spend time with awesome people, I will make and learn lots of awesome things, and I will surround myself with awesomeness and positivity. I will remember that life-changing does not necessarily mean epic adventures on a grand scale, but can mean making time to crochet in bed after a long day. I will remember that success is not just the end result, but the small steps you take to get there. It probably feels pretty awesome on top of Everest, but it's pretty nice on the sofa appreciating your central heating, too. My life probably will be a bit mundane, but that doesn't make it any less excellent. And, that's ok. In fact, that's brilliant. So there, social expectations. I am going to live my life like a normal person and enjoy it.

2013, bring it.

Goodbye, 2012!
alice xox

ps. sounding like a Robin Williams film is a to-be-expected side-effect of going about on the internet with a name inspired by a character in Dead Poets Society. I am mostly ok with that. 14 year old Alice and I have something in common, after all.