Saturday, 19 January 2013

New shoes!

My feet are very special snowflakes. They demand lots of special attention, and I have yet to ever buy a pair of shoes I could wear straight off without pain and blisters. Even then, they still hurt more often than not. Stupid feet. That was, however, until I owned these babies. My feet have been pretty much permanently in those shoes ever since. They're pretty sturdy boots, but, um, I somehow managed to kind of wreck them and wear through the heels like nobody's business. (I'm a scuffer, it's so awful. I need to learn to lift my feet.) So, it was time for a New Pair of Awesome Boots.

New bootses ♥

Ahhh so beautiful! I am in love. Docs have a bit of a reputation for causing lots of breaking in pain, but actually, I've not had any. I've been very diligent about wearing thicker socks, as well as neoprene ankle supports underneath. I bought these for a quid each at the recommendation of one of the roller girls to help with breaking in my skates. (They were a life saver, my boots are vinyl and very stiff. I had blisters beyond anything I have ever experienced. It was gross.) They are just as awesome with my new boots, and my feets are very happy feets indeed!

alice xox

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  1. Mmm, lovely Docs Alice! I love all my DMs. Though that said, I'm falling out with my most recent pair, Phoenix Jara biker style ones with purple tartan inside... they've stretched out a bit seemingly, and my feet slip about in them too much :(