Tuesday, 19 February 2013

It's not quite spring, but it'll do.

I'm so irritatingly full of good will at the moment. Nothing in particular, I'm just generally quite chipper. I think it's the little things. It's still freezing, and it's still definitely not spring, but it's getting lighter, and slightly less freezing. I walk to and from work in the daylight! Sometimes, I forget my gloves and I don't feel like I might lose the use of my hands! I can venture outside the slanket sometimes, and I've even thawed out enough to knit a little.

And of course, the dollies are out in the pretty not-really-but-almost-spring light.




Also, I started my new job (which I am enjoying, by the way!) in a pretty place, and you know how I feel about medieval buildings. (Hint: strongly.) 

I'm so easily pleased. When spring actually starts, I'm going to be unbearably bouncy.

alice xox

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