Thursday, 7 February 2013

Toy Thursday: Superheroes!

Given how much I love both superheroes and toys, it's a bit bizarre that I didn't really own a proper superhero action figure until this week. I think the main problem has been that there are action figures, and then there are action figures. I can walk into Toys R Us and spend under £10 for a pretty decent figure, but then when there are things like this out there...

Wow, those Hot Toy figures. They are unbelievably stunning, and people take such gorgeous photos of them. They are, as is to be expected, quite pricey, and I mean, look at them. Beautiful. (The problem with being into expensive dolls from the 70s is that £200 for an action figure seems completely reasonable.)

Unfortunately, I'm on a budget. So, I have been trying to exorcise my Mark VII demons with some of the more agreeably priced Hasbro Iron Man action figures. (Even I can stretch to a fiver.)

Mark VI

I really like him, actually. I still want the VII like burning, of course, but he's pretty awesome, and Gav and I had a lot of fun with him and Pepper (named for a certain Ms Potts.)

Here, Tony is alarmed at Pepper's size and worrying head-to-body ratio. (He told her to stay away from Hank and his sketchy Pym Facial, but did she listen?!)

alice xox


  1. I always drool looking at Hot Toys website!
    Besides the price, I find fastidious of these action figures the preorder business.
    Cool purchase :-)

  2. LOL! I really had a giggle at that last photo Alice, it looks like he is saying "What the hell, where'd you come from?".