Thursday, 14 February 2013

Toy Thursday: A Tale of Two Bears

For this Toy Thursday, in honour of Valentine's Day, I'm going to tell you the touching and romantic story of Charlie and Charlie.

Back in Easter 2010, when Gavin was visiting my childhood home with me, he spotted a teddy bear. This was Charlie, so named (most inventively) by childhood Alice because he has a little name badge on his front which says 'Charlie.' Gavin got very excited because he had a Charlie bear when he was little, too. (Also inventively named.) We knew it was destiny that they should be reunited, after having been cruelly separated at birth at the Charlie Bear Factory. So, we took Charlie, and on our way back to St Andrews, collected other Charlie from Gavin's childhood home.

#102/365 The Tale Of Two Charlie-Bears (or evidence that little girls take better care of their toys!)

They have lived in domestic Charlie Bear bliss ever since. They stayed with me when Gavin moved to Glasgow - because separating them again was just too cruel - and now we're all reunited in our flat. Balance is restored!

I should probably mention at this point that my Charlie is on the left, Gavin's on the right. I have had my Charlie as long as I can remember, and he was much loved and played with. Just not, uh... as significantly chewed. This probably shouldn't be a surprise coming from the girl who collects expensive toys and displays them with a great deal of care and attention, but turns out I took better care of my toys.

Anyway, happy V-day! (I drew Gavin a ridiculous picture and he bought me some Hobbit movie figurine blindpacks,which he balanced on top of the door so they'd fall on my head when I got home from work. Then we ate tea and wailed in distress while we watched Supernatural.)

Hope you all did (or didn't) exactly what you wanted and didn't feel bad for doing (or not doing) what is expected of you on this weirdest of all weird holidays.

alice xox

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