Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Lion's Tooth


I don't think 'dent-de-lion' look much like lion's teeth, but it's a cool name all the same. 

All the plants are doing their thing quite late this year in the UK, because we had a never-ending winter. It was snowing the other day. Snowing. Not substantially, but the point is, it was May and it was snowing

Don't lie, you guys, we've all just been dying to be able to say 'winter is coming' with actual gravitas again. Yay, spring! 


ps. winter is coming.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Fyvie Castle

The other week I had another castle adventure, this time to Fyvie Castle! I love old buildings with ghostly "history" (it doesn't have to be true to be awesome) and it was wonderfully creepy. The National Trust always maintain their properties so beautifully, and I don't know where they find their guides. They're amazing. So enthusiastic and knowledgable and the most wonderful (terrifying) story tellers.

Fyvie Castle

There's an indelible blood stain (which probably is real), a cursed sealed chamber (which the National Trust still refuses to open) and a bunch of supposed ghosts, including one which apparently carved her name - Lillias Drummond - into the windowsill. You can see the name carved into the stone, but I'm dubious as to its ghostly origin. Still, pretty awesome. Apparently, after her death, on the wedding night of her ex-husband and his new wife they heard what they thought were tree branches scratching on the window. In the morning, her initials had appeared...! Very Wuthering Heights, I approve.

There was a Most Haunted episode made in Fyvie Castle which featured Lady Drummond, which is hilarious and you can watch it here. I experienced no such ghostly happenings. I watched another Most Haunted a while ago featuring Chillingham Castle, which is apparently officially the most haunted castle in the UK, whatever that means. There was a lot of screaming and dubious camerawork. I actually stayed in Chillingham Castle for five days or so with my family circa 2002 and... nada. Alas! I am yet to be convinced.

The creepiest thing was actually in the library, where amongst the busts of a girl, boy, man and woman, there was a death mask of a hanged murderer, complete with rope marks around the neck. It was very morbid and creepifying - as is the wont of death masks - and to make it all a bit weirder the guide in that room sidled up to us and said incredibly sinister things. He didn't blink very much and said that you should always beware your wife trying to kill you in your sleep. He definitely directed this at me, specifically. I did the polite nervous laughter thing, but honestly I'm not sure how much he was trying to be creepy and how much he just was creepy. (Where do they find these people?!)

Maybe when I'm retired I'll become a National Trust volunteer and terrify visitors. It sounds like excellent fun.


Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Kid Flash Cross Stitch!

My adventures in superhero cross-stitch continues! (Teen superhero teams are my kryptonite, if you hadn't noticed.) This latest one (Wally West, my favourite Kid Flash) is motivated by love but also anguish and pain, because Wally is not currently an existing character in any DC continuity, which makes me very sad, because he is awesome.

I'm really awful for deciding I want to make something and then rushing off immediately to make it, and that's how Wally happened. Of course, cross-stitching on the fly isn't the best plan in the world, and I'm not very happy with his hair, wonky legs, and arms. I am quite pleased with his speed stripes, though! I think I'll be reworking this one in the future. (Lesson learned: planning goes a long way.)


Thursday, 16 May 2013

Nostalgia (sucks)

It's exam season! For the first May since I was about 11 years old... I don't have any exams. This is probably a cause to celebrate but actually... it's making me kind of sad. Maybe it's being on another medieval campus in the deliciousness of a coastal summer, but I suddenly kind of really miss St Andrews. A year ago today, more or less, I had finished my last exam. I mean, wow. A whole year? Already?! I don't know what emotion this is, but I don't like it!

I read a lovely comic this week (which you should definitely read here) that probably sums up quite neatly how this past year felt for me. I'm definitely needing some more hoops. On top of the weirdness of suddenly being thrown into the 'real world', St Andrews is just unreasonably pretty. How could I not miss it?

So, a quick revisit of its beautifulness is in order. For nostalgia's sake!


St Andrews Castle

Lade Braes




#121/365 May Dip


St Rule's Tower

Happy Shadows!

#142/365 Happy Times!

Argh, emotions! I can remember taking every single one of these photos so clearly. St Andrews is close enough for a day trip, and now the weather's getting nicer, I had planned to go back for a nostalgic day of ice cream and seaside. I'll have to get the ol' emotions under control first, though, or else I'm liable to just bawl the entire day. Bit embarrassing.


Sunday, 12 May 2013

Instagram Round-up: Spring Edition

After my first never-ending Aberdeen winter, it is so, so good to feel like spring has finally arrived! It was still snowing in April, because North East Scotland apparently has no respect for the sacredness of the four seasons.

I've been exploring some of the local parks, had my first go at using a baseball glove (after watching A League of Their Own and deciding maybe I was interested in understanding baseball after all) and finally hung my lovely Emma Mount Blythe prints on the wall. They've been hanging around for months, I've not had the motivation to buy frames and hang them up. Spring makes me productive!

I've also done a little spring clean on my blog, hope you like the new layout! I really fancied something castle-themed, and I doodled this silhouette of Dunstanburgh based on a photo I took a while ago. It's still one of my favourite castles ever, because I spent a lot of time there when I was little, and it was my house at school. Also, it's gorgeous. I mean, wow.