Sunday, 12 May 2013

Instagram Round-up: Spring Edition

After my first never-ending Aberdeen winter, it is so, so good to feel like spring has finally arrived! It was still snowing in April, because North East Scotland apparently has no respect for the sacredness of the four seasons.

I've been exploring some of the local parks, had my first go at using a baseball glove (after watching A League of Their Own and deciding maybe I was interested in understanding baseball after all) and finally hung my lovely Emma Mount Blythe prints on the wall. They've been hanging around for months, I've not had the motivation to buy frames and hang them up. Spring makes me productive!

I've also done a little spring clean on my blog, hope you like the new layout! I really fancied something castle-themed, and I doodled this silhouette of Dunstanburgh based on a photo I took a while ago. It's still one of my favourite castles ever, because I spent a lot of time there when I was little, and it was my house at school. Also, it's gorgeous. I mean, wow. 



  1. A very cute new layout! ... and ah yes, there's a local park I'm just itching to explore too!

    1. Local parks are so underrated, right? Little pockets of awesome :)

  2. Lovely new layout :) Especially the Dunstanburgh silhouette (because I recognised it!) and your smart secretary/librarian-style profile photo.

    P.S. The fact that you love 'being crafty' sounds like you're up to something devious ;)

    1. Annie, I can but aspire to extreme deviousness.