Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Kid Flash Cross Stitch!

My adventures in superhero cross-stitch continues! (Teen superhero teams are my kryptonite, if you hadn't noticed.) This latest one (Wally West, my favourite Kid Flash) is motivated by love but also anguish and pain, because Wally is not currently an existing character in any DC continuity, which makes me very sad, because he is awesome.

I'm really awful for deciding I want to make something and then rushing off immediately to make it, and that's how Wally happened. Of course, cross-stitching on the fly isn't the best plan in the world, and I'm not very happy with his hair, wonky legs, and arms. I am quite pleased with his speed stripes, though! I think I'll be reworking this one in the future. (Lesson learned: planning goes a long way.)


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