Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Lion's Tooth


I don't think 'dent-de-lion' look much like lion's teeth, but it's a cool name all the same. 

All the plants are doing their thing quite late this year in the UK, because we had a never-ending winter. It was snowing the other day. Snowing. Not substantially, but the point is, it was May and it was snowing

Don't lie, you guys, we've all just been dying to be able to say 'winter is coming' with actual gravitas again. Yay, spring! 


ps. winter is coming.


  1. Is that really what Dandelion means... sheesh, I had no clue! I've learned something here today!


  2. Since you've referenced loving both dolls and Alice in Wonderland in your blog, I was wondering if you've heard of the Wonderland-inspired dolls in the upcoming Ever After High line?