Thursday, 16 May 2013

Nostalgia (sucks)

It's exam season! For the first May since I was about 11 years old... I don't have any exams. This is probably a cause to celebrate but actually... it's making me kind of sad. Maybe it's being on another medieval campus in the deliciousness of a coastal summer, but I suddenly kind of really miss St Andrews. A year ago today, more or less, I had finished my last exam. I mean, wow. A whole year? Already?! I don't know what emotion this is, but I don't like it!

I read a lovely comic this week (which you should definitely read here) that probably sums up quite neatly how this past year felt for me. I'm definitely needing some more hoops. On top of the weirdness of suddenly being thrown into the 'real world', St Andrews is just unreasonably pretty. How could I not miss it?

So, a quick revisit of its beautifulness is in order. For nostalgia's sake!


St Andrews Castle

Lade Braes




#121/365 May Dip


St Rule's Tower

Happy Shadows!

#142/365 Happy Times!

Argh, emotions! I can remember taking every single one of these photos so clearly. St Andrews is close enough for a day trip, and now the weather's getting nicer, I had planned to go back for a nostalgic day of ice cream and seaside. I'll have to get the ol' emotions under control first, though, or else I'm liable to just bawl the entire day. Bit embarrassing.



  1. *hug*

    Those feelings are not unfamiliar to me. A bit older, but not unfamiliar. Myself, I could likely have attended my college reunion last month, but there are a ton of campus changes happening right now and I knew I'd get overly emotional and angry/crying. So I stayed on the East Coast. :/ So, I'd like to say the tear-filled nostalgia waves go away, but they just change. But that's ok. Being a teary mess now and then is totally cool.

    p.s. - the link to that comic is non-existent.

    1. Whoops, link fixed!

      I probably shouldn't be surprised I'm a bit emotional about it, but I am! Reunions sounds like a bad idea. Best to get overly emotional on your own time!

      It kinda makes me want to not move again, ever, hehe. If the emotions are going to attack every time, I don't think I can handle many more!! (oh gosh you've moved quite a bit - do you get homesick for lots of places at once?)