Thursday, 20 June 2013

Toy Thursday: Animal Crossing

Today's Toy Thursday could only be Animal Crossing themed! The newest AC was released in the UK last Friday, and I've been predictably glued to my 3DS ever since. As I bought it on release day I got this cute little figure for free.

This is Isabelle, your in-game secretary. She is the cutest! (The main difference in New Leaf is that you're now the Mayor of your town, and Isabelle is your adorable assistant.) 

Here are a few screenshots of my first week in my village. (You may have noticed I have a frog neighbour called Henry who is my favourite thing ever, who I'm trying to impress by imitation.) Now, if you'll excuse me, this is cutting into my valuable late-night bug hunting. ;)

alice xox

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Macro Lenses (sort of)

The one thing I miss since upgrading my camera is my macro lens. It was my go-to lens for pretty much everything toy related, and then some. I'm positive I over-used it, actually. Anyway, I've been looking for an budget alternative for my new camera, and I think I've found a pretty decent one.

These cost me £15, which is excellent. Firstly, it works on my budget (yay!) and secondly, it meant they didn't have to be that great to be worth it. Even a small improvement in how close I could get would be pretty good value. They are basically magnifying glasses you can screw onto the end of your lens, and from what I understand you can get more expensive versions, but these are the cheapest.

They come in a variety of strengths, which can be combined or used separately. When they're all screwed together, it's a pretty decent amount of magnification. As per the Rules of Science, for each added lens the image quality goes down a little. However, it really is a very small amount. As someone who does not blow up their images large for printing and isn't super fussy, it's negligible.

For the following photos, I screwed all four of them onto the end of my 18-55mm kit lens. (For a little comparison, here are a few photos I took with my actual macro lens: some matches and a pretty carnivorous plant.) Seeing as how the dandelion clocks are out in force, I thought I'd start with them to test out my new lenses.

Bearing in mind these are taken without a tripod and just my not-especially-steady hands, I'm suitably impressed!

... and, of course, the final test in the Gavin & Alice household has to include a Warhammer macro, so I dug out one of my ghouls.

Wow. I can actually see how badly I need to dust it. (And how the painting I was super proud of is actually super scruffy, whoops.) For a point of comparison if you're not familiar with Warhammer sizing, I think that ghoul's head is about 4mm tall.

Conclusion: £15 well spent, and successful budgeting!