Wednesday, 31 July 2013

WIP Wednesday: Rowan Gozo & Drops Cotton Light

I've been feeling the urge recently to create some human-sized things! I don't know what it is about the height of summer, but it makes me want to buy tonnes of yarn and start making snuggly winter things. ...which makes zero sense, but it does mean I am always super prepared for October?

This is as much a WIP Wednesday as it is a budget yarn recommendation. I'm trying to be a bit more thrifty when making human-sized things, so I thought I'd try out Garnstudio Drops 'Cotton Light'. It is a cotton/polyester mix which is currently 90p per ball on, which is a pretty amazing price. Reviews warned me that the yarn is great for knitting, but not so much for crochet as it can be a bit splitty, but for 90p a ball I decided I could live with that.

I haven't really found it that much more splitty than any other cotton I've worked with. Cotton is lovely, but can be very unforgiving. Drops Cotton Light is a very nice budget cotton mix, and is crocheting up beautifully! If you are a Row@n member you can access a bunch of patterns online, and I decided to crochet one of their newly released (for free!) summer crochet designs - Gozo, by Maria Wallin.

This is an excellent companion to my Lovefilm free trial. Which I suspect will stay long after it has stopped being free (but I will pretend not to notice.)

alice xox

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