Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Toy Thursday: Beth


Meet Beth, my Goldie, who arrived in May 2010. She will forever be a favourite! I consider myself to have been super lucky in acquiring some of my grail dollies - including Beth - as they all seemed to pop up at the perfect time. Better still, like my Kenner, I was able to buy her from someone I knew in the UK. Always nice to buy from a friend, and even nicer not to worry about customs or tracking!

Took a moment at the weekend to give her some love and camera time. There are exciting changes in the works at Alice & Grabbington Towers, so I might continue on my woeful blogging schedule for a bit yet. We are MOVING and it is STRESSFUL and EXCITING and I might even be starting a cheeky postgrad course in Really Old Books (what else?!) so it's all go! More on that as it happens!


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