Friday, 20 September 2013

Adventures in Homelifying: Socker & his Prickly Friends

I love our new flat. I am determined to do it justice with my homelifying! (That is not a real word; I googled it. But it's definitely the right word for what I am doing.)

Although we are renting it mostly furnished, we have quite a bit of stuff (understatement!) and so we popped along to Ikea to get some extra bits and pieces, where I also picked up this baby - i.e. my new favourite thing, the Socker Greenhouse.

I used to have a super-epic succulent collection when I was a teenager and I have always wanted to start a new collection. I love succulents! These three are the start of this new collection.

I love this little greenhouse. I get the feeling it's meant more as decorative than as strictly functional, but it actually does work. I have put a thermometer inside and everything, and I can confirm it is, in fact, warmer inside than outside. SCIENCE! Also, it looks good. Two of my favourite qualities in an object!

Also, I love that I am using it to hold cacti, and it is called Socker. Fans of The Last Airbender might remember this little gem. (I have been spelling it Sokka in my head.)

alice xox

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