Sunday, 13 October 2013

Autumn is ace!

I know that this time last year, I made a bit of a gloomy blog post about autumn. (x) I was 350 miles further north, having recently started a job in an ugly building with no natural light, and I'd had to sell my Blythecon ticket. I wasn't feeling very charitable towards autumn. Or, you know, life in general.

But - I'm feeling a lot more benevolent this year and... turns out I actually kind of love autumn. It's really beautiful.

There are a bunch of chestnut trees outside our flat, which is really cool but also deeply perilous. The trees are quite tall and some of the conkers hurtle down at such high speeds they completely obliterate themselves when they hit the ground. I live in fear of one hitting my head, I really don't think I could take the indignity of being knocked out by a conker. (Also, they keep denting the car!?!)

alice xox

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