Sunday, 20 October 2013

Instagram Round-up: Dead Languages & Medieval Buildings

My life right now is pretty heavy on the dead languages and Medieval buildings front, which is a-ok with me. I'm a month into my course already?!

Top left: a ladybug landed on my book, top right: the always lovely York Minster, bottom left: the ruins of St Mary's Abbey in York, bottom right: my favourite of all the dead languages.

I am really enjoying my course! I am finding getting back into the studying/student routine a bit bizarre, though. I didn't have a long time out after my undergrad, but I feel super, super rusty. As I'd done some Old English before, I was put into the advanced class (ha!) which has been a bit crushing as I seem to have forgotten nearly everything, and I'm not feeling very advanced at all. Unlike with other things, being rubbish really frustrates me because Old English is my favourite! I'm sure I'll get there, but in the meantime I'm very grumpy at myself. (Flash cards are go!)

alice xox

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