Monday, 4 November 2013

Halloween & My Alternative Pumpkin

We ended up not getting real pumpkins this year, so I had fun with glass jars and tissue paper! Gavin & I do a lot of lazy cooking at the moment (i.e. sauce out of jars!) and I insist on keeping them all... the cupboard under the sink is overflowing with (mostly unused) glass jars. Finally some justification for my ridiculous hoarding habits! (I have crocheted covers for them in the past which is an awesome jar/yarn stash-buster, plus you end up with cute, woolly storage solutions!)

I stuck squares of overlapping orange tissue paper onto the outside of the jar (as I planned on using real candles inside the jar, and was worried about flammability) with PVA, and then stuck a face made of black card on top of that. I have my eye on these delicious battery powered tealights - so maybe next time I'll try sticking everything inside the jar, so the outside will still have a smooth, glassy finish.

In other news, it was my birthday over the weekend! I am pleased to unveil the Alice mark XXIV, which has thus far ran smoothly. (Well, it stupidly let the hoover eat some of its cord and continued hoovering with the copper wires exposed, but I have come to expect constant levels of daftness even when I update my chassis. Some things never change.)

alice xox

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