Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Accidentally Stalking My Grandparents

Over Christmas, I got to see some family photos I'd never seen before from my mum's side. I scanned as many of my favourites as I could - and this won't be the last blog post with them in, you have been warned - but my absolute favourite thing was this beautiful album my grandad had put together. It's mostly from the summer of 1950, just after he and my nana got married, on their mini tour of the UK in a (very beautiful) car. 

The best thing about it, though, is how Gavin & I seem to be ending up in all the same places, 60 years later...

Durham Cathedral

I never knew my grandad liked taking photos so much, there are some really, really gorgeous shots in there. One of my favourite photos (which my mum hates) is when my grandad was in his 70s on holiday somewhere. He's sitting on his hotel bed in his pants intently reading a Minolta AF-E manual next to newly opened camera packaging, and clearly was not expecting to have his photo taken! Knowing how my nana and grandad were, I would bet anything my nana got bored of the manual and just grabbed the camera and took a somewhat unplanned shot! It's not a very dignified photo, but I love it, and it makes me laugh.

alice xox

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  1. What nice photos your grandfather took! And what a beautiful thought that you and Gavin are going around to the same places your grandparents had been decades ago! Love the connections! :)