Friday, 3 January 2014

Adventures in Homelifying #2

I am feeling super proud of our efforts with the flat recently, so I thought I'd share. We've been living here since September and have been slowly organising and optimising. Our newest storage solution - an Expedit! I have pined after these for years and years after seeing so many amazing photos on Flickr of cubey goodness. Finally! We only got a small-ish one - two by four - but it looks ace. I love Ikea.

So, our new and improved living room:

We also bought a savagely reduced (a term my mum uses a lot when she is trying to justify buying things she didn't need - but seriously, it was really reduced quite a bit) telly, so we have something to actually watch stuff on and use our consoles.

The space above the telly looks a bit bare now, but I have a few ideas...

Aaand a closer look! If you'll humour me in talking you through our Expedit/Besta arrangement...

Cube 1: the extra special Blythes, Cube 2: the Pullips & co plus some small guests, Cube 3: mostly craft books/magazines, Cube 4: currently containing Rosie the Riveter (plus a few books) before she finds a wall space and my new project can go there, Cube 5: comics trades, Cube 6: mostly Warhammer/D&D/general gaming and hardback Pratchett, Cube 7: a box of yarn, Cube 8: a box of doll clothes. (The huge DC Modern Mythmaking book doesn't fit anywhere, so it's been exiled to the floor where it can think about what its done.)

On top of the Expedit are the remainder of the Blythes, some Monster High, plus some MLPs, a Treeson, and my Domos. The rest of the Monster High are perched happily on top of our Besta bookcase. Other plastic cuties are scattered throughout!

Besta is mostly full of our books, with some of our favourite/most played board games on the bottom shelves. (Please note our Anne McCaffrey shelf, third up. We're very proud of that.) We have a lot more books (and games) but they're either in the spare room, or still up in Scotland. (There's also a minor Warhammer explosion in the spare room, but it's pretty much under control.)

Here's a closer look at the doll section of the Expedit - the left box is all the extra special Blythes. (Doronjo, Goldie & Kenner at the back, CMA Middie in the middle, Alexis Emerald and Rei sitting down, plus my two favourite LPS petites. Plus some tokidoki friends!) The right box are the Groove family (the ones all in one piece, anyway) plus some Lalaloopsy and various toys.

My LPS shame is on the top shelf for all to see. In my defence, I bought most of them 2011/12 when they were all half-price or less in TK Maxx. I miss seeing those guys in the shops.

I did try to curb the doll Expedit take-over a little, so we could actually solve the problem of piles of books lying everywhere...

The rest of the MH live on top of Besta. I was going to put them on their stands, but they look more like they're having a mass gossip session this way, I like it.

This is the Gavin corner, containing one Gavin having his morning tea and his gaming set-up. Here are the rest of our DVDs in a lovely Ikea Benno (the others are under the telly) - please note the tiny shelves featuring my Takochu and Doppelgangers, and the desk squidlets! We found the awesome print and frame above his desk in a charity shop for under a fiver!

Here is the table, which is where I mostly work/procrastinate on the internet, and my windowsill Socker.

Finally, a bonus close-up of our sea monkeys! We only have five at the moment, not a lot actually hatched from this batch of eggs. I think they might flourish more in warmer climates, alas.

That's probably enough organisational back-patting for one post! 

alice xox

ps. in other "Alice is super efficient" news I also finally actually put some stuff on my 'about' page.  Because apparently that's what they're for?


  1. Oooh! I have that same teapot! XD It's pretty awesome! :) Your place looks great!!! Excellent job! We just rearranged our place too, I should post pics -_-;;

    1. Oooh totally! I LOVE seeing how people organise their houses! :)

  2. Love how organized it is! Sometimes I want to set my dolls on fire and start fresh but that's just my shameful self talking because I can't seem to organize my stuff without getting sidetracked. Your shelves are looking awesome!

    1. Thanks! :) I know that feeling though! I've lived so many places over the past 6 years and in so many of them there was nowhere good to display all my stuff, which makes me want to flip tables lol. I love being organised!