Monday, 3 February 2014

This is a post about hair.

Speaking of which, I cut a bunch of my hair off:

The first photo is from early December and you can see it was getting looooong. The second photo is right after I got it cut (in the toilets - I know, I know, super classy, right?) and maybe you can tell it's longer at the front and shorter at the back? Anyway! It's way shorter, and it feel awesome. Wow. Long hair is lovely, don't get me wrong, but I am done done done done done with having it on my own head.

Because my hair was so long, I could actually do something useful with it when I chopped it all off, which is ace! I've sent it on its way to the Little Princess Trust (the chosen charity for BCUK 2011) and hopefully it'll make (part of?) a very nice wig. When you donate hair, you need to cut it all off in a big ponytail. It was the weirdest thing to look at, just lying there, detached from my head...

Farewell, hair! You served me well. May you end up with someone who appreciates you more!

Speaking of hair, I have been on a hair related quest recently, which I thought I would share with you. I've been hunting for cruelty-free shampoo alternatives because I learned that my go-to shampoo was not cruelty-free (urgh so unhappy about that) and I'd actually been being super naive about the extent to which so many household products are tested on animals outside the cosmetics we usually think of when we think of animal testing. Anyway. It's below the jump cut lest I be accused of being boring and/or preachy. (No talk of animal testing in any detail! Just shampoo!)