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Hello! My name is Alice, I am a twenty-something rabid fangirl inept medievalist irrepressible dork crazy dolly lady and this is my blog.

I started this blog mainly to catalogue my plastic adventures, hence the name. It's from a line from a Dresden Dolls song that I really like, and at the time I thought I was super duper cool and edgy. I still like it (the song and the name!) but I do wonder if it sometimes sounds a little bit saucy and puts people off. If you're here, yay! Welcome to my super saucy blog. (I hope you didn't expect sauciness, because you're pretty much getting dolls and castles. Sorry.)

The blog header is based on a photo I took of Dunstanburgh castle, one of my all-time favourite places (and my house at school. School houses are forever.) I am from the north east of England and I like to shout about how much I love Northumberland a lot. It has some really amazing castles.

 Please find below a photo which sums me up way too accurately.

I love taking photos, and dolls, and castles, and I am also a massive goofball, as evidenced above. You'll see a lot of these things on my blog!

For my own vanity, here I am looking like the well dressed lifestyle blogger I will never be:

You will also see a lot of this beardy fellow.

This is my live-in Gavin and proto-hubs. He is cool. I like him. We have lots of adventures together! 

I am currently located in Yorkshire, studying for a masters in Old Stuff. I really, really like old stuff.

I love making things, but my first love is forever and always crochet.

I have way too many toys, as not at all fully evidenced by this photo. I promise you, this is but a drop in the ocean of my plastic addiction.

(I have given up on even attempting normal expressions in photos. Some things are just not meant to be.)

I am super friendly! If you want to ask me anything or talk about anything or become friends then that is awesome, let's do that! Also, please feel free to shamelessly plug your blog to me - if it contains pretty things or dolls or craftiness then I will probably love it.

Thanks for stopping by! :)

alice xox

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